Shumka dancing!

My son Zane has been dancing with the Shumka School of Dance and I was given the opprotunity to help watch his class as they prepared and enjoyed the spring concert. Of course I took advantage of this and brought my camera with me to document their time. To see all the photos please click here. You will be asked for a password to see the gallery and download the photos. If you do not have this password, please email me at and I will provide it. Thanks everyone for a fun year! Enjoy!


Hippo Hug Santa Photos

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Hippo Hug 5th Anniversary party! I had a great time taking tons of Santa photos. You can call click below to download your photos. Enjoy!

 Click Here: Hippo Hug 5th Anniversary Santa Photos 


Autumn light - Edmonton Family Photographer

There is really not much better than the beautiful light in Autumn, I mean it was cold this day but damn that light though! I really love watching my clients grow and this family is looking good!