About Me...

Ultraviolet Photo is run by me, Amanda Babiak.  We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I live my my husband Ed and my cat Tyler Durden.  I am more than happy to travel to photograph, in fact some of my most loyal clients are located all across Alberta!

I trained in photography at NAIT in Edmonton and believe in taking a more photojournalistic approach to photography.  I feel that by capturing the moments that are happening in life whether that be a wedding, pregnancy, babies or just family fun I am able to preserve time and share my life with yours.  I want you to hold the moments and love and laughter and happiness and everything else dear to you and remember it all forever!  

Check out my work, drop me a line to say Hi or just leave me a comment.  I would love to hear what you think!

You can reach me by email at amanda@ultravioletphoto.com or phone at 780-722-2867


IMG_7865s (1).jpg

By the way this photo was taken by my good friend Jen Hammer.  If you are looking for a different perspective then mine or want photos of your pet please check her out here!