Bouncing baby boy - Edmonton Baby Photographer

I did a photo session with the Berard family when Corevin was 5 days old, we decided to do some more with just Mom and Dad and baby, no big brother and sister.  Corevin was very happy at roughly 4 weeks old to be handled and dressed up and down!  Check out this cutie patootie and let me know what you all think!












Thornton's on the Blog - Edmonton family photographer

So it only seems fitting  that since the first blog post was my sister’s family that the second should be my brother Bryan’s.  My sister in law Shelley’s parents came out from Ontario for a visit and we took the chance to do some more family photos.  I very recently photographed Bryan, Shelley and Isabel in Red Deer on a very rainy day as some of you may remember, but the weather worked out for us this time!  What a beautiful day for photos and everyone was very very happy.  Especially my neice Isabel.  I have never seen her so smiley as she was this day and the camera loved her that is for sure!  I love her so much and am so happy that we got to do this photo session.  This little family is trick or treating in Disneyland at this moment but I can’t wait for them to see the photos when they get back.  Lots of love guys!  Can’t wait to hear what you all think!














Brooks's on the new blog!

My sister is Ultraviolet Photo’s biggest supporter so I decided that she should be the first post on my brand new blog!  Leslie is a wonderful inspiration to me, she has a loving husband and fantabulous son.  I love the Brooks’s and so they get photos whenever Leslie asks for them.  You will see them on the blog often, probably more often if they didn’t live in Calgary, 3 hours away from me.  Grady is 2 now and really coming into to his personality, he is soooo much fun.  As his aunt I get to spoil him and play with him whenever I see him!!    Grady was feeling a little off at this photo shoot but in the end he had lots of fun.  We all had lots of fun.  I think Brian looks happier in these photos then he has in any of the photos I have taken of them!  Please let me know what you all think of the Brooks family photos and my brand new blog!

P.S. thanks Leslie, you are truly the best!!